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Ultralight Ridge Blade

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The Ultralight Smoke Gray Ridge Blade is made out of CPM-S90V stainless steel.

Ridge Blades have great edge retention along side extreme toughness.

Drop point fixed blade, full tang knife for simple and easy cleaning. The ergonomic design makes it a great hunting knife.

Disposable parachord, great for replacing boot laces, tying on tags or making emergency shelters.

Rugged hand molded kydex sheath with pressure belt clip for accessibility and full protection.

Finish: Cerakote

Blade length: 3.08"

Blade thickness: 0.090"

Overall length 7.38"

Handle thickness: 0.35"

Weight: 1.5 oz.

The Ultralight Smoke Gray Ridge Blade is the perfect companion to your Ridge Belt & half the price of any knife like it on the market.



Customer Reviews

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Randal Underhill
Great little knife

What a great knife, it has what you need, and nothing you don't. For the weight conscious hunter it definitely fills a specific niche. Premium steel, arrived sharp and a real kydex sheath, not thermoplastic. Earned a spot in the kill kit.

Mike Porter

If there is a better value with CPM S90V I haven't been able to find it. I ordered two and both arrived sharp enough to shave the hair off my forearm. Unfortunately, I will have to wait for next fall to properly break it in as my hunts are done for the year. I will likely buy another (or two) for gifts.

Wow. Incredible value

Butchered my entire deer with this knife with the factory edge and it still saves. The value proposition here cannot be beat.

Amazing Knife from an amazing company!!!

I'd been waiting for this knife to come back in stock for a LONG time as my EDC knife is a benchmade folder with S90V and I'm totally sold on this steel, but cleaning a folder after using on big game is pain, so I ordered this knife about 15 minutes after I got the in-stock notification. I got to use this knife for the first time last weekend on an antelope and it worked just as well as I imagined it would. Of course, me being me, I somehow lost the sheath in the field. I contacted CS today and they are sending me a new sheath in the mail! Amazing knife and great customer service, what more can you ask for????


I went on a alaska hunt to the Yukon after moose. I brought what I thought was quality knifes. (Bench made) let me tell you something. My hunting buddy pulled out this knife that he purchased before the hunt and the bench mades got put away. After dressing out the first moose with your knife. I started putting it to the test on the second moose. No chipped blade, No rolled blade and held its edge all the way through. That is one bad a$$ little knife. I’m writing this review and I don’t even own one YET! This little knife impressed me so well. I’m writing this review before I’m home from the hunting trip. I will be ordering a couple when I get home. Thanks for such a affordable quality product. I hope you guys do well.