Ridge belts a rugged belts
Waterproof belts for men. ridge belts are the best waterproof belts
ridge belts are super lightweight belts. Hiking belts
Ridge belts are breathable outdoor and hunting belts. Breathable belts for men
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Being avid outdoorsmen ourselves, we've found a need for a lightweight, breathable, waterproof and functional belt. We've developed Ridge Belts with the outdoorsman in mind. No matter the outdoor activity, our belts are built to perform. The outdoor industry has lacked in this category for too many years with below average belts. Ridge Belts founders Skylyn Christensen and Kyle Chappell are fully committed to making top quality products to withstand what Mother Nature has to offer. We hope you enjoy our products. We will see you on the ridge!


I love the belt. I've gutted three deer while wearing the belt and i've gotten blood, guts, and you name it all over it. I just wipe down the belt with a soapy rag and it's back in action. I can't believe I used a leather belt for so long and never thought of this.


This thing is legit. Super high quality and durable. Plus the packaging is 🔥.

Jack Obray

I am very impressed with my new belt.

Mike Duff

Perfect belt for hiking, fishing, hunting and even carrying my firearm. I'll never wear a different belt again.

Zak Harrison